Crimes of Fashion

“The missing man was wearing tennis shoes, jeans, and a Nike hoodie…”  How often do you notice stories about rescued hikers that include that line?  Insufficient clothing (aka not being a gear junkie) contributed to 10% of rescue missions in 2007. 

First Ascent's Downlight Sweater

Some quick things to avoid:

  • Cotton Sucks!  –  Once damp, it will stay that way and continue to suck body heat away from you.  Opt for multiple layers of wicking fabrics like polyester or wool.  Layering order should go:  Longsleeve (or tee shirt), 1/4 zip pullover (micro fleece?), down jacket (First Ascent – ABOVE) and/ or a technical rainshell.  Also pack a hat and mits as we approach fall, especially in northern climates.
  • Wearing TOO MANY layers at the start – Just a few minutes into the hike and you are sweatin’ beads.  I have been guilty of this plenty of times.  Start the hike a bit chilly, and add layers as needed.
  • Sweating: – The surface moisture zaps your warmth as fast as anything.  Be aware of this if you begin to sweat especially in the Fall/ Winter/ Spring.
  • Trying to be fashionable – Stick to the basics.  Good quality base and mid layers, with the option of a micro-puff down jacket or vest (packs down to the size of a Nerf ball) and a rain/ snow shell.  These options should get you through most all outdoor scenarios, from Big Ten tailgates to Porcupine Mountain snow shoes.

About edaws42
A Montana native that played baseball for Sparty and lives in Bend, OR. I have a passion for all things outdoors, and the brands and people that enable those passions. I like rock music, microbrew beer, football, playing guitar, and travel. I love my wife and family, my dog Gus, and the outdoors.

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