Find Solitude in an Urban Setting

Sometimes you just have to get away.  It’s especially nice if you don’t have to drive a haul to find that “away”.  My quick escape often is at Rose Life Wildlife Preserve which is a 10 minute drive from our place.  I frequent Rose Lake State Wildlife Preserve near Bath, MI on a consistent basis in all four seasons because of this exact proximity.  In the spring, I trail run before the foliage gets too thick, and in the summer and fall, I strap on my helmet and shred it’s tipsy-turvey single track (if it’s not too buggy).  But in the winter is where I have the most fun, and the most solitude.  I am able to glide amongst the tress on my XC Skis, on the same track I run and bike without noise or walker, biker, runner encounter.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a hermit, but I do appreciate the opportunity when there is nothing around but my dog Gus, the whoosh of snow, and wind through the trees.

Some solitude in Mid-Michigan
I am a caffiene-jacked, iPhone-wired,  spreadsheets geek just the same as the next guy, but I truely cherish these opportunities so close to home.  While Rose Lake may not be the true definition of “wilderness”, but when the snow is falling, and there is nothing around but trees and skis, at that moment it is!
Find your own by visiting your DNR website.

About edaws42
A Montana native that played baseball for Sparty and lives in Bend, OR. I have a passion for all things outdoors, and the brands and people that enable those passions. I like rock music, microbrew beer, football, playing guitar, and travel. I love my wife and family, my dog Gus, and the outdoors.

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