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In our frenetic daily lives people want streamlined, organized, and easy to digest information right now, and at their fingertips. Consider the stats: 1 BILLION Google searches each day, and 41.6 MILLION searches an hour mean people have become used to finding the answer or resource they are searching for in a matter of seconds. We are spoiled in that way. Seriously, why waste time searching 15 sites? Imagine a website that acts as a search engine for outdoor hunting and adventure based trips?

Meet A comprehensive website launched in 2012 by two Midwestern brothers features the ultimate resource for hunting, fishing, wingshooting, and adventure outfitters. The complete resources of the website puts guides, lodges, and charters throughout North America literally at your fingertips, and would make Larry Csonka’s head spin. is the world’s largest online adventure directory featuring 15,000+ listings and counting, and doesn’t plan on stopping soon. The beauty of it is in the “social” aspect of it. All lodges/outfitters can have a listed profile, and just like Google, if you pay you will get “featured listing” status. Either way the connection to the information you need to make decisions is packaged up in front of you.

What I love the most is the ease of use, and often times websites miss the mark on simple, streamlined flow, and what users expect from their visit. Lately we have been shopping for a car, and sites like or make the car shopping and research process a breeze. AllOutfitters takes this same concept in their easy browse and search functions called “Build A Trip”. Each trip selection that you choose based on sport and location will only display choices from your specific search and preferences of location and trip! You pick what you want, and the options come to you. How Google of them?! So whether you are wanting to knock down a Moose in ‘da Yukon, or slay some Marlin in the Caribbean while sipping a Landshark it’s all right here.

Results are presented with everything you need and all of their information listed (location, accomodations, methods, equipment, guides, seasons, limits, trip durations, prices, travel, weather, and what to bring). Also, they upload photo galleries as well as field reports which keep people up to date with anything they want, such as “check out this 50 inch muskie caught today, what a brute!”, or “limit of pheasant shot before 10 am” or maybe just to post daily fishing reports… whatever they want, and it’s all there.

AllOutfitters doesn’t plan on stopping with trips, all your field needs are addressed. Including a feature for “Gun Dog Breeders” to find your perfect companion when in the field! Check out Find them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @AllOutfitters


Traversing “The Tooth” Alaska

The Tooth Traverse from renan ozturk on Vimeo.

Lately I have really been into these mini Vimeo cuts.  This video is so good, it really is unfair to compare to everything I have seen recently.  This cut is like an Oscar winning film condensed into a few minutes.  It has drama, death, redemption, and action all in a mini form.  Renan Ozturk might be one of the best story-telling, most badass filmakers out there. All his flicks will leave you inspired to want to see the rest, let alone travel to the ends of the Earth to find answers (literally). My question is: Where can I see the full feature?

What to wear? Layering systems

Believe it or not, the gear you wear outside functions best within a systematic approach.   The basics include base layers (close to the skin, usually merino wool), a midweight fleece of light jacket (1/4 zip), a goose down insulating system, and finally an outer shell to protect you from rain, snow, sleet and wind!


Lake Superior Ice Spray







How does Ed Viesturs do it?  Check out his Mt. Rainier summit pack, and packing list.  Rainier is known to have some of the most unpredicatble weather on the planet, so this list will give you a great systematic approach to warmth and comfort while outside.


Ed's Pack


Ed's List


Starving for Winter? We are!

Are you thinking the same thing I am?  When will it snow?  Right now it’s brown and wet, with a dense fog advisory in effect here in Mid-Michigan.

Christmas is only 4 days away, and other than a 10 inch DUMPING we got awhile back (that melted the next day) we have had zero snow to speak of!  The Midwest has remained fairly quiet so far (jinx?!).

When the warm days of fall subside and you have to put your fly rod, bike and trail shoes away you start to look forward to winter and all it brings.  Your thoughts are filled with visions of deep lake effect snow, XC Skiing, Snow Shoeing, and Polar Bear jumps right?  Well we might have some time yet to come before any accumulating snow sticks.  The long range forecast doesn’t call for anything in the near future.  Which means adventure plans are shelved.

To pass the time, check out this video put together by the Montana Department of Tourism.  Montana: Shaped by Winter

Aurora Borealis…Where to see it?

Did you now that an 11-year sun cycle that influences the intensity of Aurora Borealis (better known as the Northern Lights) will peak during 2012 and 2013?  Perfect!  Enough time to plan a trip to one of these two places, to catch a glimpse of the best Northern Lights show in the Lower 48.

Spending a night beneath this natural, psychedelic light show really ought to be on your backpacking bucket list, especially if you live in the Midwest!  Really getting it right is key, and there are a couple of key factors that come into play when deciding where and when to go!

Part 1.  Go NORTH!  Duh…

Parts 2 & 3.  Consider moon phase and equinox – This is because on a moonless night you will be able to see the phenomenon better, and equinox, because the Earth’s magnetic fields will align with the sun and it helps intensify the glow.

Lake Superior Northern Lights - credit Travis Novitsky

To get north with ease consider heading back into the bush of Boundary Waters Wilderness in Minnesota, or the shores of Lake Superior in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  Both places should provide northern exposed views, and little – if any – light pollution.

Snowshoe deep into the lakeshore near the vernal equinox (March) or do it bug-free in the fall (September).

For Boundary Waters Minnesota, consider Angleworm Lake for low light pollution and camping spots on northern facing shorelines!