Nice Catch… Now Get The Shot

As trout and salmon fly fishing heats up here in Michigan, I think it’s important to discuss some ideas to capture that catch of a lifetime!  A picture will give you a hall pass from having to continue to lie, ahem, I mean stretch your stories of those glorious fish that didn’t make the lens…

A Yooper Brown!

Here is some tips:

Have a decent camera:  That “party boy” point-and-shoot from college won’t cut it anymore.  Get a camera with a good lens, focus settings, and a price tag more than $200 (Nikon or Canon will do the trick).

Get a decent case:
Like always, protection is key.  Try the Patagonia Stormfront backpack for those days on the river. Or a Lowepro Chest Harness for those less sketchy and exposed spots hiking or in shallow streams.

Use a tripod:  Stablize your shot but using a small tripod.  Go ahead and put the legs in the water! No tripod?  Lay on the bank and shoot out or up using a rock.

Get closer:  I mean really close.  Most shots are taken from 10 feet away.  Get closer to your subject, or have the fisherman hold the subject out closer toward the lens.

Auto focus:  Most digital camera’s nowadays have an auto focus feature.  So many people just point and shoot!  Hold down your shooting button halfway for about 2 seconds, then put the rest of the way down once the auto focus takes over.

Shoot from different angles:  Squat down or climb on a log.  Different shot angles can add depth and focus to your shot to make things more interesting.

A Westslope Cutty

Tight lines this fall!