First Ascent…Guide Built and Approved!

If your accountant walked up to you and said “here, I suggest using this baseball bat”.  Would you?  Maybe.

If Albert Pujols came over and said “hola, I suggest you use this bat.”  Would you? Fo’ Sho! I am guessing you would take Fat Albert’s suggestion.

If American alpine climbing legend Ed Viesteurs recommends using a down jacket, or a technical shell…I’d say he’s a pretty credible source.

Storm Shell

Microtherm Sweater - Limeade

First Ascent (Eddie Bauer) is a line of outdoor gear that lives up to its tag of “Guide Built.  Guide Trusted.” The best part of this line is its mix of simplicity, and technicality.

Take Ed Viesteurs for example.  Here is a man who gave up a possible Veterinarian career to pursue some of the most radical adventures on the planet (7 Everest summits, 1st American to summit all fourteen, 8,000 meter peaks…Basically he’s a guy!)  He, among other world-renowned guides, heads up First Ascent’s guide team.


The best part, is nothing goes to market without these guides signing off on the product first.  Which means that each zipper, hood, or cuff has professional guides opinion and input.  This tactic from Eddie Bauer creates gear that is light-weight, tactical, and simple. Their product lines cover what you need, and they continue to expand their product choices.

Check ’em out!  Eddie Bauer – First Ascent

Guide Built. Guide Tested.


Suunto Core

Rugged Core

If it’s good enough for the United States Military, it’s good enough for you Joe Cubicle!  The Suunto Core is a rugged watch (more like wrist computer) that not only keeps time, but also altitude, barometer, a compass, and even an alarm when there are unusual drops in barometric pressure possibly signaling a storm.

The watch in general is chunky (in a good way) with an oversized face on a black background and an indiglow light.  You also keep a timer, and a countdown clock, as well as sunrise and sunset times for your time zone.  For anyone who spends time in the outdoors, this watch suits all types!

Pros:  Oversized face, rubber wrist band, barometer, compass, TONS of bells n’ whistles… I get compliments all the time!  People love how it looks.

Cons:  Short battery life, no heart rate monitor

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