Starving for Winter? We are!

Are you thinking the same thing I am?  When will it snow?  Right now it’s brown and wet, with a dense fog advisory in effect here in Mid-Michigan.

Christmas is only 4 days away, and other than a 10 inch DUMPING we got awhile back (that melted the next day) we have had zero snow to speak of!  The Midwest has remained fairly quiet so far (jinx?!).

When the warm days of fall subside and you have to put your fly rod, bike and trail shoes away you start to look forward to winter and all it brings.  Your thoughts are filled with visions of deep lake effect snow, XC Skiing, Snow Shoeing, and Polar Bear jumps right?  Well we might have some time yet to come before any accumulating snow sticks.  The long range forecast doesn’t call for anything in the near future.  Which means adventure plans are shelved.

To pass the time, check out this video put together by the Montana Department of Tourism.  Montana: Shaped by Winter