Preconceived NOceans

Lake Superior Surfing - Hanging 10 (degrees) credit: Flickr igmaino

One thing is for sure.  Midwestern Surfers are either nuts, the hardcore-est of the hardcore, a mix of both, or something completely all in their own.  Some people would look at this and say “why?” with raised eyebrows. You may have already said that yourself when you looked at the picture above.  Well as I see it, it falls into some of the same categories as to why someone would want to climb a mountain, or run a marathon.  Often times it really comes down to “because I can” or “because no one else has” or “because I want to”.

Famous English climber George Mallory once was asked why he wanted to climb Everest and he replied, “Becasue it’s there.”  The reasoning behind what makes people pursue different adventures may be as simple as the love of the idea that no one else does this, or they relish in telling stories about surfing Lake Superior while gawking faces look on in astonishment.  Maybe it’s the simple fact that they love the feeling of being on the edge, and in their own way hanging ten in the Midwest fulfills that urge and satisfies that feeling.

Any way it lands, the trailer for the upcoming film Preconceived Noceans seems to bite at this urge a bit.  To me, surfing in the dead of winter seems insane but at the same time, I get it because I can see some of my own hobbies and plans causing people to think or say, “why the hell would you want to do that?”


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