Suunto Core

Rugged Core

If it’s good enough for the United States Military, it’s good enough for you Joe Cubicle!  The Suunto Core is a rugged watch (more like wrist computer) that not only keeps time, but also altitude, barometer, a compass, and even an alarm when there are unusual drops in barometric pressure possibly signaling a storm.

The watch in general is chunky (in a good way) with an oversized face on a black background and an indiglow light.  You also keep a timer, and a countdown clock, as well as sunrise and sunset times for your time zone.  For anyone who spends time in the outdoors, this watch suits all types!

Pros:  Oversized face, rubber wrist band, barometer, compass, TONS of bells n’ whistles… I get compliments all the time!  People love how it looks.

Cons:  Short battery life, no heart rate monitor

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