Fly Fishing the Looking Glass

Eagle, MI

We had a great chance yesterday to get out and wet some line, doing some fly fishing for bass on the Looking Glass River.  The Looking Glass runs East to West before it slams into the Grand River in Portland, MI.  From DeWitt (20 mins. north of Lansing) the river runs clear (with hints of tea) on a gravel and boulder bottom.  This provides good pocket water fishing, and deep holes and downed logs make great bass habitat! Even though fly fishing in the Midwest often involves a roll cast, or “a chuck N duck” approach because of heavy vegetation, I was able to wade the river at no more than crotch deep levels (thank God it wasn’t cold) and open to a full cast with no hassle. 

My casting felt solid and I was able to find a great hidden stretch north of Eagle, MI surrounded on both sides by fields and high trees, so I had a true solitary feeling. Well not really, my dog Gus joined and I made a day of it, as he simply swam circles and sat in the water next to me. He literally was born for water.  For his first fly fishing trip he did great, and maybe can learn to sit on the bank next time.
I got into one smallie, but I lost her in the fight on my 4 weight trout rod (SAGE 4-piece).  My buddy Kris told me that the bass fight a little stronger, so I need to give them some leeway, and let ‘em run a bit.  We will definitely be back to this spot in the coming weeks and months.