Nike Air Zoom: S+

NIKE AIR ZOOM S+ Trail Running Shoe

Sleek Profile, and cooool too!

If you run trails, a good pair of specific trail shoes is a must for sure!  I bought a pair of these babies on eBay for $65 a couple years ago and have never been disappointed. Overall a low profile limits any blisters, and I’ve run miles in this shoe while wet, and never had problems.

"Toothy" Sole... See, I told you!

Usually being “toothy” is a bad thing, but in this instance it’s a plus.  The molded soles (almost a molded cleat) stand jagged, and hold grip in wet, dry, snow or dirt.

Full length midsole gives stability, and obviously the Nike+ hookup is key to track your mileage and progress while pounding pavement or trail.  I’ve used these for both hiking and trail running and always been happy.  I just wish I’d bought them a half size smaller, but even though they run a bit big, I love ‘em.


Sundown, you better take care…

Nobody wants to be caught in the dark.  Nighttime means a drop in temps and trouble finding your routes, not to mention seeing risks or upcoming dangers.  Before it’s too late make sure you keep your eyes to the horizon.

An hour and fifteen left...

Estimate how much daylight you have left by: 

  • Holding your hand at arm’s length and count how many fingers between the bottom of the sun and the horizon
  • Each finger will represent 15 minutes (unless you have sausage fingers, then it’s 25)
  • The above image represents one hour, 15 minutes until darkness sets in
  • In the Midwest, give yourself a little cushion…
    • …The dense woods of the Midwest make it seem a bit darker, earlier
  • If it goes dark too fast, make sure you pack a headlamp!