Nike Air Zoom: S+

NIKE AIR ZOOM S+ Trail Running Shoe

Sleek Profile, and cooool too!

If you run trails, a good pair of specific trail shoes is a must for sure!  I bought a pair of these babies on eBay for $65 a couple years ago and have never been disappointed. Overall a low profile limits any blisters, and I’ve run miles in this shoe while wet, and never had problems.

"Toothy" Sole... See, I told you!

Usually being “toothy” is a bad thing, but in this instance it’s a plus.  The molded soles (almost a molded cleat) stand jagged, and hold grip in wet, dry, snow or dirt.

Full length midsole gives stability, and obviously the Nike+ hookup is key to track your mileage and progress while pounding pavement or trail.  I’ve used these for both hiking and trail running and always been happy.  I just wish I’d bought them a half size smaller, but even though they run a bit big, I love ‘em.